Francois Blehaut

Francois Blehaut

Director of Landscape

Director of Landscape, François obtained a degree in Architecture from Ecole Nationale Superieure Paris Val de Seine. After discovering Landscape Architecture and Urban Design through an internship at Group Signes in Paris, Francois decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture at the Ecole Superieure d’Architecture des Jardins et du Paysage. He started his US career in Washington, D.C. where he focused on urban design at PRI Landscape Architects. He then moved to New York and worked with firms such as ABB Landscape Architects and Gunn Landscape Architects on multiple gardens, roof tops and urban parks.
Overall, Francois has designed more than 40 unique projects in New York City and the Hamptons. The Denizen and the Rheingold building have been his largest projects at ODA the integration of the public roof garden and courtyards have been very successful (multi awarded projects).
He refers to his work as “mixed Landscape Design” where garden site lines and axes create a strong frame for a wild and naturalistic planting. He believes that the most successful landscape design integrates the sky and natural elements. Francois joins ODA as a Landscape Architect and hopes to utilize his knowledge and expertise on various landscape projects.