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About ODA

ODA is an office of architecture, interior design and landscape based in New York, founded in 2007 by Eran Chen AIA. Through a range of scales and typologies, ODA seeks to reconcile the conditions of vertical urban living with quality of life. Since its inception in 2007, ODA has quickly emerged as one of the most recognized firms of its generation, promptly establishing a reputation for delivering imaginative and mold-breaking designs. Seeking to reorder architectural priorities by putting people first, ODA challenges conventional perspectives of dwelling that will, over time, influence life in our cities. Our award-winning team of designers bring an expertise in a range of disciplines from landscape and interior design to architecture and master planning. Our team is dedicated to creating a more equitable future through good design.

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Eran Chen
Eran Chen AIA Founder Executive Director

Since establishing ODA in 2007, Eran Chen has earned a reputation for mold-breaking designs that will deliver a better urban future. Having completed more than 50 buildings in just over a decade, he has become one of the most prolific architects in New York. Chen's work has been widely published around the world and recognized by the AIA, the Society of American Registered Architects and others. In addition to guest lecturing globally, Eran is also an Adjunct Professor at both Columbia University and New York University.

His recent projects include the renovation of the former Postkantoor in Rotterdam, an urban plan in Chicago, and the conversion of a defunct parking garage into a public park and class A office building in Buenos Aires. His writings on architecture have been published in ODA’s book, Unboxing New York.

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Dongyoung Kim
Dongyoung Kim Principal Director of Operations
Olivera Grk
Olivera Grk AIA Principal Project Director
Michael Unsicker
Michael Unsicker AIA Principal Project Director
Ryoko Okada
Ryoko Okada Principal Interior Project Director


Gene Pyo
Gene Pyo AIA, LEED AP Associate Project Director
Patricia Gortari
Patricia Gortari Associate Project Director
Katherine Mendez
Katherine Mendez Associate Interior Project Director
Francois Blehaut
Francois Blehaut Director of Landscape
Haroon Yousaf
Haroon Yousaf Director of Finance


Joanna Regiec
Joanna Regiec Associate HR Manager
Christopher Sjoberg
Christopher Sjoberg Associate Senior Team Leader
Alex	Tehranian
Alex Tehranian Associate Senior Project Architect
Jessica Schoen
Jessica Schoen Associate Senior Interior Designer
Jacob Hedaya
Jacob Hedaya RA Associate Architect
Michelle Le
Michelle Le Associate Architectural Designer
Yinxing Xu
Yinxing Xu Architectural Designer Associate


Lilach Borenstein
Lilach Borenstein Architectural Designer
Lakshmi Budhu
Lakshmi Budhu Administrative Assistant
Kelly Burke
Kelly Burke Marketing Manager
Anirudh Chandar
Anirudh Chandar Architectural Designer
Hyun Jun Cho ODA
Hyun Jun Cho Junior Architectural Designer
Dylan Dewald
Dylan DeWald Architectural Designer
Amaya D'Souza
Amaya D'Souza Architectural Designer
Michael Evola
Michael Evola Junior Architectural Designer
Julia Fidelis
Julia Fidelis Intermediate Interior Designer
Matt	Hallstein
Matt Hallstein Interior Designer
Aykut Imer
Aykut Imer Architectural Designer
Travers Jakimczyk ODA
Travers Jakimczyk Senior Interior Designer
Joseph Kim
Joseph Kim Junior Architectural Designer
Tyler ODA
Tyler Koraleski Junior Architectural Designer
Chris Krambias
Chris Krambias Architectural Designer
Chiekh Loume
Chiekh Loume
Kevin Muni
Kevin Muni Senior Interior Designer
Konrad Nieradka
Konrad Nieradka Team Leader
Max Park
Max Park Architect
Belen Pena
Belen Peña Senior Interior Designer
Keith Sagliocca
Keith Sagliocca Team Leader
Thalia ODA
Thalia Scagliola Executive Assistant
Akshay Surana
Akshay Surana Team Leader
Alex	Tahinos
Alex Tahinos Team Leader
Diana Tao
Diana Tao Landscape Designer
Jonathan Zisser
Jonathan Zisser UK Studio Manager

ODA strives to bring innovation to the way we live, reimagining landscapes and creating structures that connect complex city systems in elegant ways. Our behaviors, our dreams, and our daily patterns are influenced by the spaces we inhabit and pass through.


Connecting people, neighborhoods, cities, systems, and ways of living across cultures. We are inspired by our environment and the potential of when people come together.

Our vision centers on a simple truth: the way we live defines who we are.

Recent Awards & Recognition


SARA NY Awards 2022 Unbuilt & Theoretical Winner | Beyond the Street
NYCxDESIGN Awards 2022 Residential Lobby / Amenity Space | Bevel
NYCxDESIGN Awards 2022 On The Boards | 101 West 14th


AN Best of Design 2021 Winner | Urban Design | Beyond the Street
Architizer A+ Awards 2021 Typology Award Winner | Multi-Unit Residential
Architizer A+ Awards 2021 Firm Award Finalist | Best of the Year, Large Firm
The Architect's Newspaper Best of Practice Awards 2021 Honorable Mention | Large Firm, Northeast


NAIOP DC|MD Awards Award of Excellence | West Half
Interior Design NYCxDESIGN Awards 2020 Chelsea Mercantile | Residential Lobby | Finalist


World Architecture News Awards 2019 Practice of the Year | Residential