ODA Fort Lauderdale

633 SE 3rd Avenue

In Progress

ODA’s design for 633 SE 3rd Ave is dominated by a sequence of stepped rounded volumes that elegantly ease the massing of the tower as it rises. The tubular volumes alternate between a sleek curved glazed façade and alternating wrap-around balconies, generating a dynamic play that breaks up the massing of the building. Through setbacks and carved double height voids, the building offers a series of extensive roof deck amenities for its residents at different levels with wide open views to the city.

ODA Fort Lauderdale

Located south of the New River in the Rio Vista neighborhood of Fort Lauderdale, the striking 47-story tower is a mixed-use building that will bring a heightened sense of sophistication to this part of the city. With a large corner plaza and activated walkways, ODA aims to add dynamic and lively ground floor programming to the neighborhood.

ODA Fort Lauderdale
ODA Fort Lauderdale

“Buildings at this scale house a community of people who live, work, and play from what they consider home. This new lifestyle is formed by a building that is shaped to be flexible, create strong connections and allows for diverse activities” - Eran Chen

ODA Fort Lauderdale

The program comprises 830 rental units and 13,000 square feet of commercial use. The podium is lined with residential units that continue the tower expression and a dynamic three-dimensional parking screen façade paralleling the theme established by the cylindrical tower design. At night, the concave recesses of the parking façade create a decorative wall of light and textures that adds to the ambiance of the neighborhood.

ODA Fort Lauderdale
ODA Fort Lauderdale
ODA Fort Lauderdale

Project Details

Fort Lauderdale, FL
Dependable Equities
1,099,811 SF


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