420 Kent

420 Kent


420 Kent’s design strays from the classic commercial extrusion consumed by today’s typical residential towers. The vast majority of rectangularly extruded towers in NYC are formal results of many historical, contextual and practical influences. For years, the archetypal -curtain wall- towers were realms of massive corporations, and as population density in New York increased, our habitats naturally adopted a similar two dimensional shape. The big box concept created an inherent hierarchy with the four corners being most desirable: corner apartment, corner office, corner view etc. We challenge this hierarchy by designing a tower where most dwelling units are a corner apartment. Furthermore, this formal condition articulates architecture’s effect on creating dynamic skylines with 420 Kent’s towers and voids engaged in a conversation between figure and ground.

420 Kent
420 Kent ODA
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The 22-floor towers comprised of 857 apartment units (20% of which are affordable housing). By using two standard floor plans and mirroring them around the central axis, we created three distinct towers featuring multi-dimensional façades, while 80% of the total apartments are a corner unit. Adding this third dimension to the envelope provides a platform for intimate moments of interaction, both indoors and out. Units boast northern sightlines onto the Williamsburg Bridge, the East River, and eastern vistas of downtown Manhattan. Kent’s promenade adds to the communal boardwalk stretching from Greenpoint all the way to Dumbo. A total of 77,000 SF of outdoor space is available to residents.

420 Kent ODA

A Hamptons getaway - on the East River

420 Kent ODA
420 Kent ODA
420 Kent ODA


Project Details

420 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
Spitzer Enterprises
850,000 SF


ODA Design Team
Eran Chen AIA Olivera Grk AIA Ryoko Okada P. Christian Bailey AIA Francois Blehaut Dongyoung Kim Kris Levine Sunggu Lee, Bernhard Stocker, Soo Bum You, Jean Baptiste Berteloot, Zachary Zeller, Woody Wu, Christopher Payan, Charmee Donga, So Jin Park, Roman Falcon, Elizabeth Snow, Piotr Lewicki, Brona Waldron, June Kim, Ninoshka Rachel Henriques, Mingchao Wan, Caroline Remignon, Chia-Min Wang, Matthew Wasnewsky, Sudarshan Venkatraman, Steven Kocher, Sejung Kim, Emma Pfeiffer, Jaehong Chung, UnJae Pyon, Carolina Moscoso, Shraddha Balasubramaniam
Atelier 10 (Sustainability) Langan (Sustainability) Imagen Subliminal (Photography) Albert Vecerka (Photography) Petrini Studio (Photography) Matte Projects (Videography)


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Interior Design Magazine's Best of Year Awards 2019 Finalist | Multi-Unit Housing
SARA National Design Awards 2016 Award of Merit
SARA NY Design Awards 2016 Award of Merit