Quay Tower

Quay Tower and The Landing


Quay Tower and The Landing’s design concepts stem from the history of its neighborhood, merging its past as a hub of manufacturing to a now transformed, prime residential area.

The two languages on the façades of this affordable housing complex represent the industrial past by the use of Brooklyn's characteristic materials, and the residential present through the insertion of outdoor spaces to the overall volume. The juxtaposition of traditional materials and residential volumes signifies the historical transition of this Brooklyn area.

ODA Quay Tower and The Landing
Quay Tower
Quay Tower
ODA Quay Tower and The Landing
Quay Tower
Quay Tower

Project Details

30-50 Bridge Park Drive, Brooklyn, NY
RAL Companies
450,000 SF


ODA Design Team
Eran Chen AIA Dongyoung Kim Patricia Gortari Chris Berino Bernhard Stocker, Shin-Yau Huang , Janet Thai, Yuval Borochov, Ulises Castillo, Sejung Kim, Sudarshan Verkatraman, Boram Lee Jung, Sonia Turk, Brian Lee, Paul Kim, Soo Bum, Jason Bourgeois, Karen Evans, Yong-Chun Choi
Marmol Radziner (Interior Design) Lester Ali (Photography) Petrini Studio (Photography) SERHANT. (Photography)


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