101 W 14th ODA

101 W 14th Street


At 101 W 14th Street, quality of life is not measured in floor area, but in volume. This boutique building offers a tailored experience, every inch has been considered. The units have double height living rooms that create a new perspective and movement through the space, they have terraces so you can step out and experience the city around you, in a different way from any of its neighbors. Looking at your surroundings, through the lens of 18 ft triple-paned glass windows allows quiet and solitude but also an indoor-outdoor experience and a transparency that connects you to their city in a different way.


After the creation of 15 UWS, the old Tiffany building on the park where ODA wrapped an industrial classic in a new glass box, we realized we could do something similar down the street. This time the windows are 18 ft walls, arranged in such a way to create depth from the exterior. With this unique layout we’ve created a new icon for the neighborhood.

This is a significant piece of architecture for an important corner of NYC, the intersection of the High Line and Union Square. It demarcates for many New Yorkers North and South, so to be at that intersection of culture and history is very important. We really believe that over time this building will become a new landmark for the 14th Street corridor.


101 W 14th is also a great example of the fractal geometry that has come to represent a lot of ODA’s work. The idea of the repetition of patterns, in the same way that are seen in nature, is an equation that has a soothing effect on our brains. We see the building and innately to our brains it makes sense. When we can expand on fractals on a larger scale you can begin to impact a society on a larger scale through the connection of people and the public realm.

The quality of design here affects the quality of living. The level of execution and quality of materials, it’s like living in a piece of art. From the NW corner you can see midtown Manhattan, we have garden apartments that face the inside courtyard. It's a level above the rest.

101 W 14th
101 W 14th


Project Details

101 W 14th Street, New York, NY
Gemini Rosemont
82,776 SF


ODA Design Team
Eran Chen AIA Chris Berino Olivera Grk AIA Bernhard Stocker, Brian Lee, Arta Perezic, Taesoo Kim
BINYAN (Renderings) Pavel Bendov (Photography) Lester Ali (Photography) Scott Frances (Photography) Michael Young (Photography)


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