Seattle ODA

Seattle Tower


ODA's Seattle tower expresses powerful new forms, seeking to use architecture to bridge communities and create spaces for connection. Rather than opening a window, the design team seeks ways that the occupant might open a door onto a garden in the sky. These elevated amenities offer views of the sea or mountains in the distance, new places to connect with neighbors in outdoor gardens, open to the breeze.

ODA Seattle Tower
Seattle Tower ODA
ODA Seattle Tower
Seattle Tower ODA
Seattle Tower ODA
ODA Seattle Tower

Project Details

Seattle, WA
Crescent Heights
1,731,786 SF


ODA Design Team
Eran Chen AIA P. Christian Bailey AIA Jean Baptiste Berteloot, Alex Ward, Emine Halefoglu, Steven Kocher, Juan Roque Urrutia, Tom Segev
LABTOP (Renderings)


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