Spiral staircase

New Delhi Penthouse

Private Residence

Designed to exude the feeling and atmosphere of a luxury resort villa, this 50,000 SF Penthouse highlights abundant water features and indoor/outdoor greeneries. The overall aesthetic is minimalistic, but rich and warm in character with natural earthy materials sometimes providing an amplified expression through their own oversized, expansive patterns and exaggerated textures.

ODA Interiors New Delhi

The quiet Zen heart of the villa is a courtyard in the indoor spa with infinity edge reflecting pool and a symbolic Ficus Microcarpa tree.

ODA Penthouse
ODA Penthouse
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ODA Penthouse
ODA Penthouse

Project Details

New Delhi, India
50,000 SF


ODA Design Team
Eran Chen AIA Ryoko Okada Francois Blehaut Diana Tao Sofia Herrero, Tulika Lokapur, Jaehong Chung
DN8 (Renderings)

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