ODA Dubai Towers

Lotus Towers, Dubai

Competition Entry

ODA’s Lotus Towers have a smooth, elegantly twisted form that visually connect from the rooftop all the way down to the promenade in a seamless, sweeping movement. The transformational, twisting form of the towers will in time establish them as an icon along the skyline.

At its base, the promenade, inspired by the circular forms found throughout the island, takes on a circular form, maximizing space by shifting terrace rings and receded towers placed on an angle towards the east of the site.

ODA Dubai Towers

The multi-level promenade has the look and feel of a luxury resort, guided by a water feature that flows from the entrance reflecting pool through the center of the property into the grand infinity pool and across the cascading terraces to the fitness deck. Along the way, highly curated amenities, such as a courtyard lounge garden; café seating; a bar; an infinity and children’s pool; tennis, pickleball, basketball, badminton and bocce ball courts; mini-golf and an outdoor gym offer a holistic lifestyle experience in a centralized location.


Indoor amenities at the podium level include a spa, yoga studio, gym, library, lounge, multipurpose rooms, cafe and co-working spaces. Atop these spaces are additional indoor exercise studios in the podium.

Unique garden units are proposed at the Ground and P1 Level with direct access to parking and extensive amenity decks. The Lotus Towers are strategically placed on an angle to extend the multiple exposures and uninterrupted views to the surrounding landmarks. Larger units are prioritized to orient toward prime views while featuring corner living rooms. Top floors exhibit grand four bedroom apartments boasting corner views and outdoor spaces for every room.

ODA Dubai Towers

The sweeping façade frames the cascading wraparound balconies, adorned by a combination of exposed glass and translucent screens intended to reflect the light off of the water. The screen element of the exoskeleton also provides shading to mitigate heat gain throughout the building. The dramatic elegance of the towers will tie together the skyline of the neighborhood, establishing it as a premiere destination.

ODA Dubai Towers



Project Details

Dubai, U.A.E.
968,700 SF