ODA Guoshen Museum

Guoshen Museum

Competition Entry

ODA, in partnership with the Delft-based architecture firm Mecanoo, submitted a design proposal for the Guoshen Museum, an international design competition to create a new museum for art and culture. The teams worked hand-in-hand to envision a massive waterfront structure anchored around a flexible atrium that gave the building an airy and transparent aesthetic. Derived from a courtyard typology, this elegant solution creates a perimetral circulation with a central space dedicated for public use.

ODA Guoshen Museum

By lifting the building, the entire ground floor becomes a public plaza allowing bystanders to wander around the museum without having the need to enter it. The clear differentiation between architecture and landscape blurs through this continuous open ground floor plane. The museum only touches the ground to separate the different programmatic components: Exhibition, Educational and Research. This allows them to operate independently if required. The elevated building unwraps vertically, transforming the courtyard into a fifty by fifty area and sixty meters in height.

ODA Guoshen Museum

The Guoshen Museum represents a unique opportunity for this burgeoning area,” said Eran Chen, Founder and Executive Director of ODA. “This space provides countless opportunities for culture, education, art, tourism, world class events and performances that will put Guoshen on the map. We really enjoyed the opportunity to work with our peers at Mecanoo on this joint proposal to bring an international perspective to the design.”

ODA Guoshen Museum

The museum’s central atrium transforms the entire experience throughout the space. It begins as the grand entrance to the museum; public and open for everyone. From that space on the ground floor, visitors can see much of the museums’ flow and organization. This atrium space works as a multipurpose room that can accommodate multiple activities and programs: from large scale art exhibitions, to fully ambient controlled experiences and major performances.

From the landscaped rooftops, visitors can experience and feel connected to the natural beauty of Goushen’s landscape. The museum’s location in Guoshen, right on the shoreline between the Qianhai Bay and the Danan Mountain, prime it for being both an excellent cultural and natural destination.

ODA Guoshen Museum
ODA Guoshen Museum
ODA Guoshen Museum


Project Details

Shenzhen, China
1,581,122 SF


ODA Design Team
Eran Chen AIA P. Christian Bailey AIA Michelle Le Yinxing Xu Diego Soto Madriñán, Mecanoo
Mecanoo (Architecture Partner, Renderings)


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