A 24-story, 147-unit luxury high-rise residential building situated in Atlanta’s Midtown, a vibrant commercial and arts hub, lilli is a vertical village with an iconic profile. Slender and elongated, the tower sits on a prominent and formerly blighted 0.31-acre site.

lilli Midtown-Atlanta is an elaborated, fragmented building with the design exploration being on the manipulation of solid mass geometries; the envelop is not a limit but an extension of the living. It is an investigation of an envelop that is alive – where the threshold between inside and outside is flexible, creating extended living spaces that feel thoughtfully tethered to the city beyond. The outdoor spaces are encased exterior; the volume of which is defined by at least two sides of the interior space it is associated with. This approach engages the outdoor space with the interior across more than one plane, surrounding it in a more natural extension of the indoor quarters. This is a small but important detail – when outdoor space functions as a room and intermediary territory between parts of an apartment, it is perceived as a true extension of the living space

The design also focuses on Lilli’s primary function as a living space. The practical distribution of required units is formulated differently from one floor to the other. In these steps the building perimeter is manipulated to make the most of the interior living qualities while maximizing the square footage. Expanding the envelop perimeter helps redistribute the exceeding square footage to other areas of the massing, optimizing the usable net area while generating brighter spaces where needed.

Location: 693 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

Client: JPX Works LLC

Size: 208990 SF

Team: Eran Chen, P. Christian Bailey, Ryoko Okada, Elizabeth Snow, Mark Bearak, Kate Samuels, Brian Lee, Paul Kim