A new roof addition with staggered terraces sits juxtaposed above a former 1920’s loft space for the textile industry. The playful configuration of glass penthouses stand on top and in contrast to Jardine, Hills & Murdoch’s prewar, masonry Knit Goods Building. With respect to history, the facade is restored using original materials as a base for interpretation. Atop the restored building, sits new a glass and aluminum penthouse. The addition is dissolved into several volumes and is shielded from street view by original limestone cornices. The arrangement of the geometries creates a configuration of outdoor spaces for the units, while alleviating the composition’s weight.

The contrast between materials (open glass edges against blind brick corners) and location of elements (free standing steel columns in contraposition to the masonry façade) maintain the characters of both the old and new structures. The horizontality of the aluminum slab covers with the original cornices tie together the two façades.

The lobby was reinterpreted by reconstructing the barrel vaults and renovating select original crown ornaments. Perimetral cove lighting hidden in the oversized cornice enhances the vault’s curvature, while underlining the ceiling's molding. Backlit Corian walls resemble threads of fabric on a loom, while honed limestone mosaic floor and brass panels on the ceilings reflect the light coming from the walls to extend and fade the interweaving fabric effect. The light frays through point perforations, connecting the building’s history with its new purpose.

Location: 93 Worth Street, Manhattan, NY, USA

Client: IGI-US

Size: 170000 SF

Team: Eran Chen, P. Christian Bailey, Ryoko Okada, Sunggu Lee, Come Menage, Keith Burns, Carolina Moscoso, Chris Berino, Joanna Torres, Karen Evans