800 Fifth Avenue
Residential Lobby


Open to Central Park and flanked by a newly renovated courtyard, 800 Fifth Avenue’s single, central lobby was a series of unrelated pieces that had previously failed to bridge the gap between two coveted outdoor spaces.
Featuring four components, stone, wood, metal and glass to represent the beauty of nature - earth, light, air, and water, we designed a sequence of symbolic rooms that invite residents and guests on a journey.
Limestone floor patterns change from room to room, subtly identifying transitions in spatial function.
A chandelier of 1,000 glass tubes, arranged by our team, resembles the organic rhythm of rain, and reflections of trees from Central Park on floating massive forest-colored stone slab panels provide for a palpable depth in the foyer.
Branch-like, hand-blown Bocci glass chandelier and sculpted teak root drift wood wall art build a nature tranquility in the great room.

Location: 800 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, NY, USA

Client: Spitzer Enterprises

Size: 1700 SF

Team: Ryoko Okada, Eran Chen, Stacey Walters, Christopher Payan, Sojin Park, Chia-Min Wang