Hunters Point Library

cultural / urban design


Hunter’s Point South is proposing the biggest public housing development in the past 30 years on the East River waterfront.
The amenity space on Parcel C intends to create a public program inside the private building block in order to enhance public space. The proposal for Hunters Point Library drew inspiration from the symbiotic relationship between the public park and the private lot. The dynamic movement of Hunters Point Library is the product of symbolizing the breaking of the line of separation between the park and Hunters Point South. Elevated, the structure generates an urban canopy where pedestrians can reach the park from Center Boulevard, as well as a space for indoor public programs. This becomes a symbol of the symbiotic public-private relationship that allowed for the entire masterplan to occur.

Location: Hunters Point South Parcel C, Queens, NY, USA

Client: Undisclosed

Size: 22000 SF

Team: Eran Chen, Côme Ménage, Brian Lee, Kate Samuels