Atlanta Residence
Atlanta, GA

residential medium / interiors


Taking its inspiration from the city’s tradition of permeable relationships between architecture and landscape, the design of the Atlanta residence combines quality of life under a canopy of trees with the growing desire for vertical in-town living. Embodying all the characteristics of a suburban home - an open plan, unconfined volumes, landscaped outdoor terraces, and privacy- this residential building also manages to exhibit urban modernism with its fan shape design and vertical village lifestyle.

The building is raised from the street level allowing the landscape to flow through and under it as well as to protect and respect its immediate environment including the smaller buildings that surround it. From the street the building will appear light and airy. As it ascends vertically the building will take the shape and transparency of an urban lantern, surrounded by landscaped outdoor terraces and striking a powerful balance between contemporary architecture and Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Fallingwater.

The fan shape of the building’s base allows for open views and continuous transparency while securing privacy for each dwelling unit. Generous outdoor space gives each unit in the sky its own identity.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Client: Undisclosed

Size: 205700 SF

Team: Eran Chen, P. Christian Bailey, Ryoko Okada, Mark Bearak, Paul Kim, Carolina Moscoso