In an era of iconic skyscrapers, Nassau brings the qualities of residential living to a neighborhood populated by office towers. Along the tower's height, the volume edges are fragmented through an undulation of terraces. This identifies the building among the surrounding two-dimensional envelopes and provides exterior space unaccustomed to the Financial District's skyscrapers. A rooftop tree garden characterizes the building's pinnacle, capped like a natural version of the Woolworth peak.

Location: 75 Nassau Street, Manhattan, NY, USA

Client: Lexin Capital LLC

Size: 307200 SF

Team: Eran Chen, P. Christian Bailey, Kyriakos Kyriakou, Christina Hefferan, Nathan Tunkelrot, Juan Roque Urrutia, Gene Pyo, Ivan Heredia, Adrienne Milner, Jacob Hedaya, Gregory Kamback, Pablo Zepeda