Emerging from the existing walls of a former 1930 manufacturing building, 71 White is a 100 key hotel cantilevering over an elevated market square. The lot borders East Williamsburg’s industrial blocks and Bushwick’s residential fabric. While centered between the two zonings, 71 White is two blocks away from the water source of Newtown Creek. Proximity to the creek’s water drew in companies such as Brooklyn Union Gas and Rheingold Brewery to set up their industrial infrastructures in the early 20th century. As years passed, factories closed down and migrated leaving behind many obsolete lots.

The roof and original structure of the one story manufacturing building are hollowed, whereas the existing brick walls along the perimeter are retained. This is done to preserve the site’s character, while integrating it with the new program. The two lower floors, with a permeable connection to the street level, hold retail stores. The top five floors are a part of the L- shape hotel. The retail and hotel section are detached from one another on the third level. This separation creates an open outdoor platform that serves as a central promenade that directs and distributes the circulation of traffic. The open-floor square is sheltered by the floating hotel bulk, and offers a space for a variety of outdoor activities. The southern views of Bushwick and western views of Manhattan are the backdrop for the public activities that fill this neighborhood’s celebration ballroom.

Location: 71 White Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Client: All Year Management

Size: 70000 SF

Team: Eran Chen, P. Christian Bailey, Yuval Borochov, Lindsey Krug, Jaehong Chung