San Francisco Hotel



The guest enters into a canyonesque lobby area, immersed in rock stratum-impressioned walls, with aerial suspensions of Spanish Moss and Pampas Grass.

The concierge area there provides a cooling/calming atmosphere with a water-like undulated reflective metal ceiling. The eclectic aesthetic of the furnishings exudes a sense of how you would find the materials in nature, and invokes a fresh sense of fully natural surroundings.

A pouring of natural light invites you to ascend a winding stone step passage, that leads afterward into an expansive view of blue bay waters.

The guest room is a welcoming retreat into natural elements, with solid wood planks, cane, and concrete areas and appointments. The strategically placed corner mirror panel helps to bring the outside world in, breaking the boundary between the inner and outer realms.

Location: Mission Bay, San Francisco, CA

Client: Golden State Warriors (management by JLL)

Size: 248000 SF

Team: Eran Chen, Ryoko Okada, Belen Pena, Jessica Schoen, Katherine Mendez, Tulika Lokapur, Kevin Hall, Cherlotte Ensign