Boston Tower


A glass high-rise building in the heart of Boston Back Bay with near-360-degree panoramas, Boston Tower is a practice in controlled views and geometry. Using walnut wood curved vertical fins to divert outlooks from neighboring buildings and toward the downtown skyline, we invited sun and air while restricting less appealing vantage points. The overall project mood is light, steely, and earthen, with connections to nature felt on every floor. At the ground level, this organic representation is dense and theatrical to create dramatic transition from busy street to tranquil residential environment. Ascend the building, however, and the interpretation becomes more abstract: cast glass to recreate the beauty of water, textured fabric to replicate a sense of outdoor landscape.

Location: Boston, MA, USA

Client: Undisclosed

Size: 220000 SF

Team: Ryoko Okada, Eran Chen, Patricia Gortari, Jayeon Kim, Sejung Kim, Steven Kocher, Lindsey Krug, Joeun Lee, Brona Waldron, Stacey Walters, Alonso Ayala, Helena Costa, Charmee Donga, Roman Falcon, Ching IHsu(Karen), Suyoun Kim, Vi Nguyen, Sojin Park, Caroline Remignon, Asuncion Tapia