51 Jay


The transformation of DUMBO’s 1910 Landmark protected “daylight factory” into high end lofts is done strategically, where incapacitated elements are replaced with new features that complement the industrial character of the building’s identity. The exterior façade is restored and all existing interior floors were removed and reintroduced with structural modularity. A central courtyard is carved open to bring daylight into a shared garden, while an existing roof skylight structure is re-appropriated as a minimally visible glass penthouse with large terraces and extensive amenities.

Location: 51 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Client: Adam America Real Estate and Slate Property Group

Size: 140000 SF

Team: Eran Chen, P. Christian Bailey, Ryoko Okada, Dongyoung Kim, Kyriakos Kyriakou, Francesco Asaro, Vi Nguyen, Carolina Moscoso, Eric Anderson, Lindsey Krug, David Cazares